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Client Testimonial

I can not express how proud I am of the Mountain Hounds jersey which Marc's company created. Marc created the perfect jersey in my eyes! When I pulled the jersey out of the box I was blown away. The quality of the jersey and the sublimating was waaaay ahead of anything I had seen from other companies. The colors are so bright and vibrant. The cool little touches of color (like on the skate blade) give an impression that the Hound is in motion. Everytime we wear the Hounds jersey we get a tonne of compliments on how nice the jersey is and how good we look on the ice.

I loved the jersey so much I had Marc make me a fleece blanket (yes, Marc does blankets!) with the logo on each side. The blanket is so nice at times I want to hang it on the wall and not use it to keep warm when watching hockey during the winter months.

Marc's level of communication throughout both projects was first rate. He took my phone calls, answered endless emails and always gave me his honest opinion even if it took money from his pocket. Marc will be my "go to" company for any jersey that needs to be made and I will always refer other teams to him as well.

-- M. Laycock | Vancouver, British Columbia | June 15, 2011